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Scented Candles
Scented Candles

Elevate Your Ambiance with

Scented Candles in San Antonio, TX

At Salty n Southern Mercantile, we want to help you express your individuality while also selecting the appropriate aroma for your home and vehicle. We’ve worked hard to earn a reputation in creating scented candles in San Antonio, TX. The candles produced by us are known for their outstanding quality as we’re big fans of using local materials and natural ingredients in our crafting process.

We take great care in choosing the best materials, handcrafting each item, packing your choices, and assuring timely delivery to your door. Our aim is to raise you to become a genuine connoisseur of premium candles, not merely sell items. Whether you’re seeking for scented candles for men or women, we’re always happy to help.

Find Your Sensational Escape

When you are buying custom scented candles from us in San Antonio, you can be assured that you get to face an experience which is worth remembering for years. This way we make sure that lighting the candle should not be the first step. In fact, it should be the last step. Let us be your guide through the full candle experience so that you can properly flick that wick.

We are fascinated by blending fragrances to create a chemistry that can make you feel relaxed and at home. We pair beautiful fragrances with 100% natural ingredients to create one-of-a-kind long lasting scented candles designed personalize and connect to your environment for the residents of San Antonio.

Our Process – Make Every Moment Whole

We hand pick and source each scent and test burn new creations before sending them in for production for sale. We believe that selection process makes us work closely with the fragrance suppliers who share the same passion as we hold for the quality and the toxic-free scent. When we combine the fragrances we want to come up with a unique collection to name them as our signature collection at Salty n Southern Mercantile.

With the help of fragrance oils we get a chance to show our creativity in discovering blends which are perfect for every unique ambiance. Our scented candles will definitely let you enjoy every moment by flickering away the stress and let serenity progress when you are relaxing at your place in San Antonio.

Every Moment Memorable

Light the Way to Relaxation with Custom Made Candles

Salty n Southern Mercantile Difference

We provide an elevated home’s atmosphere which help us in enhancing your daily rituals. Our line of products completes the stories your home tells, with non-cloying fragrance formulas along with uncomplicated packaging to uplift the space instead of overpowering. With different range of scented candles we believe that every San Antonio’s home scent is special.

Hand Made

Hand made

Burn Time

30 Hours Burn Time

Non Toxic Ingredient

Non Toxic Ingredient

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

on orders over $60

Customers Testimonials

Our Reviews

The body butter is very moisturizing and the scent lasts all day without being overpowering.
10/10 recommend and would buy again.

Danessa M.

My body is buttered n the cars are scenty. 10/10

Danessa M.

Best body butter, 100% won't use any other brand !!

Nicole G.

Love it 🥰

Yuri V.

My review is… I love love love the body butter, very moisturizing! I get compliments ALL the time on how great I smell. This stuff is awesome!

Lissa L.

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