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About Us:

Candles for Every Season

We really like candles, making them smell nice and we want to keep doing this for a very long time…

I, Sloane Wendell, have a special job, certified Dementia and Cognitive Support Specialist. I help people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s and always dreamed of making lavender candles for them. When I did, it made me really happy. Jim Wendell joined me on this bandwagon, and we started making candles together. Our family and friends liked them a lot and bought many.

My good friend Salty Bacon helped me a lot. We decided to do more than just candles. We wanted to have a store where we could sell things we like. That’s how we started Salty n Southern Mercantile. We want to share new things with you that you will enjoy. We are a small business, but we have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Our goal is to make you happy.

Why Should You Choose Our Candle Scents?

Well, making candles is like crafting a piece of art, and we’re really dedicated to it. We make sure to use the best oils, cotton wicks, and wax that burns cleanly. Every candle is carefully handcrafted in small batches, so you can trust that each one is made with a lot of care.

We never compromise on the quality of the oils we use because we want our fragrances to be completely genuine without any artificial smells. In fact, we even create our own unique scent
combinations, so the candles you get from us are truly one-of-a-kind and will hold a special place in your heart.

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