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5 Simple Methods to Get Wax Stuck to Your Candle Jars Out

You’re probably guilty of burning your favorite scented candle to the very end until all you can see is the burnt-out wick poking through and splotches of leftover wax. If your candle came in a pretty container, you probably don’t want to let it go to waste. The only way to save it then is to clean out the stubborn wax.

But scraping it manually can take a lot of time. So, how exactly are you supposed to get the wax out of your candle jars? Luckily for you, we’ve put together five of the easiest ways to clean out your aesthetic candle containers, so keep on reading to learn more!

How Do You Get All The Wax Out of a Jar?

There are multiple ways to get wax out of a jar, especially if you have finally reached the end of it. However, before you go around experimenting, make sure you are wearing safety gloves. While it may be simple, dealing with hot temperatures can be dangerous at times. Nevertheless, take a look below to see all the different ways you can clean out your candle jar.

  • Place The Container in a Pot of Hot Water
    Since wax reacts to heat, the easiest way to get rid of the stubborn leftovers is by placing the container in a pot full of water. Then, simply boil it for a few minutes until the wax liquifies. However, you should only use this method if the container is made out of glass.
  • Use a Hairdryer
    Set your hairdryer to the highest setting and then slowly aim the hot air towards the container. This works best if you apply the heat from all angles so that it is equally heated. The hotter the heat is, the faster the leftover wax will melt.
  • Pour Boiling Water Inside the Candle Jar
    Much like the first method, for this technique, you will need hot, boiling water. But rather than popping it on the stove, all you have to do is pour the hot water inside the candle container and then wait as the wax melts down.
  • Freeze The Candle Container
    While heat is a great way to melt the wax, freezing is yet another way to pop excess wax out of the container. This is because wax shrinks when it is cold, so it will automatically slip out of the edges.
  • Pop It In The Oven
    If you have tried every other approach but still cannot separate the difficult patches of wax from the container, you might need to pop it in the oven for a little while. All you have to do is turn the canister upside down and place it on a baking tray. Then, preheat the oven on low before sliding the tray inside for 20 minutes. Once you take it out after the allotted time, all the wax will have pooled on the baking tray, leaving the candle jar empty.

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Long Story Short

All in all, there are numerous steps you can take to clean out the container of your favorite candle. But to make it more effective, try using extreme heat or cold to get the wax to slide right off. Nevertheless, for more information on candles and candle making, contact Salty and Southern.

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