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Choosing The Right Scented Candle For Your Needs

Ever notice walking into a room and you feel relaxed, finding out that candles are placed in that room?
The source of the relaxing yet wonderful aroma are the scented candles. Not only does it create a perfect aroma, it also has a number of benefits for improving a person’s mental health. It has the power to make us feel calm and happy.
Are you worried about finding the perfect scented candle? Do you feel unsure when you look at countless scented candles in the store? Fear not, let us learn how to choose the perfect scented candle.

Tips you need to know to choose the perfect scented candle

Sometimes, it can be a bit challenging to pick out the perfect scented candles, here are some tips that will surely help you:

  1. Consider the space you want to use the candle
    The first thing which is important is to consider the space for the scented candles. You should keep in mind the size of the room and its type. For example, if you place a small candle in a large room, it would definitely not be ideal.
    Similarly, if you place a strong-smelling candle in a small room, the scent would be intolerable. Placing sweet or floral scented candles in the dining room, would mix with the smell of the food, making the scent unpleasant.
    Keep in mind that everyone has their own preferences, therefore, it is ideal to choose a different scent for every room, according to the moods.
  2. Figure out the purpose of using the candle
    The next step is to find out the purpose of the scented candle you are using. They are used for relaxation, meditation, ambiance and many more. Here are a few ways in which scented candles can help you:
    • Balances the unpleasant smell: The strong scent of the candle neutralizes the odor of the room, eliminating the unpleasant smell, making the room smell incredible.
    • Improves sleep quality: At times, you find yourself unable to sleep at night, tossing and turning in your bed for some reason. Some scents like Lavender can help you sleep properly throughout the night, ensuring restful sleep. This also keeps you full of energy and productive the whole day.
    • Sets the mood: Candle scent can also help to create a mood. Whether it is for a romantic setup or for meditation.
    • Relaxation: When you are tired after a long day of work, all you want to do is relax right? Scented candles can help relax your mind and body, melting all the stress and anxiety away.
  3. Choose based on your personal preference
    Everyone has their own choice in fragrances, this is the reason it is necessary to choose a scent that is to your liking. It affects the ambiance of the room along with your well-being.
    Different scents of candles can evoke some special memories in a person. Hence, it is important to keep that aspect in mind.
  4. Consider the burning time of the Candle
    The shape, size and the wax of the candles along with the position of the wick, determines the burning time of the candle. If the wick of the candle is long, it will burn quicker since the flame will be bigger.
    Also, if the wick is not in the center, the flame will burn unevenly, leaving a black scoot on the glass which can cause it to break. Therefore it is significant to keep these points in mind.

Questions About Choosing The Right Scented Candle For Your Needs ?

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Summing up

Scented candles are more than just flickering flames and pleasant smell. The experience is just to die for. If you haven’t tried scented candles, then what are you waiting for? At Salty N Southern Mercantile, you can find amazing scented candles according to your liking.
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