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Essential Tips For Longer Burn Time And Stronger Fragrance

So, you’ve brought home a delightful scented candle, eager to infuse your space with its inviting aroma. But have you considered the best practices for burning it, ensuring both longevity and maximum scent throw?

As experts in luxury candle manufacturing, we’re here to equip you with the essential candle care tips.

  1. Trim the Wick
    Before lighting your candle, take a moment to trim the wick. If it’s a cotton wick, ensure it’s no longer than ¼ inch. Longer wicks produce larger flames, which not only consume the wax faster but can also lead to soot stains on the vessel. Use scissors or a wick trimmer for a clean cut. The flat tip design of a wick trimmer prevents soot from falling into the wax pool, ensuring a clean burn.
  2. Burn Time Matters
    Contrary to popular belief, burning your candle for short periods doesn’t necessarily make it last longer. Aim for a 3 to 4-hour burn the first time you light it, following the rule of one hour per inch in diameter. This allows the wax pool to reach the edges of the vessel, promoting even burning and preventing tunneling.
    The melted wax that forms while burning is known as the wax pool. Ideally, it should extend to the outer edges of the vessel and be approximately ¼ inch deep. Burning for less than 3 hours can result in tunneling, where the wick burns straight down, leaving unburnt wax around the edges.
  3. Limit Burn Time
    Avoid burning your candle for more than 4 hours at a stretch. Prolonged burning can lead to excessive carbon buildup on the wick, causing the flame to grow too large. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal burning.
  4. Safety First
    When your candle is lit, never leave it unattended. Keep it out of reach of children and pets, away from drafts or moving air, and clear of flammable objects like curtains or plants.
  5. Allow Cooling Time
    After extinguishing the flame, allow the wax to cool for at least 2 hours before relighting. This ensures an even melt pool for the next burn, prolonging the life of your candle.

How to Extinguish Without Blowing

Instead of blowing out the flame, which can create sparks and smoke, consider using a candle snuffer.

This handy tool gently extinguishes the flame without disturbing the wax pool, preserving the fragrance and enhancing your overall candle experience.

Preparing Your Candle Vessel for Reuse

So, you’ve enjoyed your favorite candle to the very end, leaving just a tiny bit of wax clinging to the bottom of the jar.

Before tossing it aside, consider giving that jar a new lease on life! We’ve got you covered with two simple methods to help you reclaim your jar.

  1. Hair Dryer Magic
    Grab your trusty hair dryer and get ready to put it to unconventional use. Point the nozzle towards the sides of the candle vessel, allowing the warm air to work its magic on the stubborn wax.
    As the wax heats up and melts into a liquid, it becomes a breeze to scrape off. Quick, easy, and oh-so-satisfying!
  2. Chill Out with the Freezer Method
    If you’re not keen on wielding a hair dryer, fear not, there’s another method at your disposal. Enter the freezer!
    Pop your candle jar into the chilly confines of your freezer and let time work its wonders. Overnight should do the trick. The cold air causes the wax to contract and shrink, making it a cinch to remove.
    Once sufficiently chilled, flip the jar upside down and watch as the frozen wax pops out effortlessly. If it needs a little nudge, gently coax it with a spoon or butter knife, and voila!

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Summing Up

You’ve picked the perfect scented candle, but are you maximizing its potential? With these simple yet effective candle care tips from our experts at Salty n Southern Mercantile, you can make the most of your scented candles, enjoying longer burn times and stronger fragrances in your home.
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