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How To Increase The Burning Time Of Scented Candles

Scented candles are everyone’s all time favorite. Have you ever purchased a candle that has now become your absolute favorite. As much as you want to light it up, it can be disappointing to see it burn so quickly. However, there are ways to create a long lasting candle so you can enjoy more time with it.

Trim the wick

After the candles first burn, the wick may be slightly longer than it needs to be. As a result it will give off more flame than needed. A bigger flame burns through the candle way faster than it would normally. If you continuously trim the wick, you will immediately see the difference at what rate your candle is now burning. Trimming your wick is quite easy. All you need to do is wipe off the charred top with a tissue and use a scissor to cut down the wick around a quarter of an inch. A wick cut will adjust your flame accordingly and spare you more time with your beloved candle.

Keep the candle cool

This is another foolproof way to make your candles last longer. If you have your candle burning for a while, let’s say an hour or three, give it at least two hours ahead of it to cool down completely before you light it again. This break gives time to the wax to solidify granting it a longer shelf life. We even suggest keeping your candles in the freezer a while before their first burn. As the cold temperatures makes the wax harder, making it more resistant and burn slower.

Pick the right location

Deciding on the right place to set your candle can determine how long they last. Areas that let in air, whether through an open window, fan or vent can lead to uneven burn times. Uneven burning will also become a problem if your candle is placed on an irregular surface, keeping your candles on a flat surface away from air currents will favor the life of your scented candles as it will allow the flame to burn evenly.

Keep It burning

If you want to extend the life of your scented candles, you will have to commit to letting them burn for a decent amount of time, wax needs time to develop memory and in that case one should consider burning their candle for over an hour or two. If you don’t give time to your candle to burn, the wan will melt faster from the middle rather than tec circumference. In contrast, if you leave it burning for more than the suggested hours, it may lead to build up of hot wax.

Pinch of Salt

This may seem a little unorthodox but you can always try, if your candle is at the end of burning, you can sprinkle table salt onto the wax to slow down the burning time for your next candle lit session.

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Final Words

Scented candles can not last you a lifetime. However, you can still increase their burning time by using these simple tips such as trimming the wick, keeping it in the right location, keeping it burning for over an hour or two, keeping it cool and adding a pinch of table salt.

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