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Is It Safe To Burn Scented Candles Overnight?

The warm glow of scented candles instantly transforms a dull space into a relaxing environment and naturally you would want to doze off. However, if you are wondering whether it is safe to burn scented candles overnight, the answer is no. Leaving a candle burning unattended is a serious threat and can be the reason for fire hazards.

Safety of Burning a Candle Overnight

Although scented candles create a cozy environment, it is certainly NOT SAFE to burn them all night long. Though drifting off into deep sleep with the flicker view may seem tempting, there are many dangers in doing so. Here’s why our experts do not advise dozing off with scented candles:

  1. Flame Instability
    When you leave a candle burning for too long there are high chances of carbon accumulation on the wick. They are unstable and can produce a dangerous flame. An unsettled candle flame may start smoking to release soot that is toxic for the body.
  2. Chances of the Candle Slipping
    There is a good chance for your candle to get knocked over by either you, the wind, children or even pets, if placed near the doors or side tables. An unattended candle is dangerous and can start a fire that may result in fatality.
  3. Smoke Inhalation from Candles
    It is quite well-known that burning candles give off benzene and toluene (known pollutants), which are harmful if inhaled in huge amounts. They are irritable to the eyes, throat, as well as your lungs. Excessive use of scented candles or burning them overnight causes respiratory problems, headaches, and even nausea. Moreover, those grappling with asthma or other respiratory conditions are particularly at risk of the effects of candle smoke.
  4. Risk of fire
    Candles pose a significant fire hazard, especially if left burning overnight. A lit candle has the power to ignite any nearby objects, like curtains, bedding, or clothing. A fire can quickly spread throughout the room within mere seconds, putting everyone in the house at risk. In worst-case scenarios, candle-related fires can be fatal.
  5. Wax Spills
    If you burn candles overnight, there is a good chance of melted wax spilling onto the surface or bedding where it is kept. Wax is difficult to remove and may stain or damage delicate fabrics. Additionally, hot wax can cause burns on the skin.

How to Properly Put Out a Scented Candle?

It is crucial to learn the proper way of extinguishing a scented candle. Steer clear of blowing out the flame directly with your mouth; this can lead to molten wax splattering. Instead, use a candle snuffer for a safe and effective extinguisher. Candle snuffers prevent the smell of smoke and ensure a clean process without causing a mess or an off-centered wick for the next burn. Moreover, by gently snuffing out the flame using this tool, you can enjoy the lingering fragrance of the burnt-scented candle without the unpleasant smell of smoke.

Questions About Is It Safe To Burn Scented Candles Overnight? ?

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Closing Note

In a nutshell, burning scented candles overnight is ill-advised since it is a major fire hazard. Therefore, it is better to enjoy their warm essence and delightful scents while you are awake, prioritizing your safety. Explore the range of our scented candles at Salty n Southern by dialing (979) 429-3719. Or, visit our website to learn more about our products.

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